Our rooms are furnished and decorated to a high standard with en-suite facilities and specialist equipment is available to maximise and maintain residents’ independence.

Our emphasis is ensuring that you have control over your life and the environment in which you live, and  we encourage residents to personalise their rooms with their own belongings to create a place that is familiar, reassuring and a place they are proud to call ‘home’. House trained pets are also welcome. Residents are free to spend time in their rooms or in the lounge, where music is played throughout the day and the television in the afternoon and evening. We also have a quiet lounge which residents can use for visits with family and friends or formal visits where they do not wish to use their bedroom. 

We take all appropriate steps to make sure the home and rooms are kept clean and hygienic and free from odours with suitable systems in place to control the spread of infection.

We like to encourage residents to have meals in the dining room but of course it is their choice if they want to eat meals in their room. Meal times are important as many look forward to their meal and it's nice for residents to enjoy the meal in convivial surroundings.